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SpiritualiTEA with Chasity

Chasity Jones, M.Div, RYT 200

SpiritualiTEA with Chasity is a Black Interfaith Spiritual Advisor spilling the tea at the intersection decolonization and spiritual healing. This podcast is presented to you by Fourth Wave Revolution: Creating Liberation Theology Deeper Dive: Stepping into Liquid The podcast utilizes Womanist (centering the collective Black woman’s experience) theology, yogic philosophy, and an eclectic spiritual framework to decolonize our collective psyche with the goal of centering healing, liberation, recovery, self-love, embracing our spiritual roots, and connecting to the divineity within. Decolonization is identifying and unlearning the ways in which we have been permanently psychologically scarred from colonization. This podcast is a contribution to the collective decolonization movement we find ourselves in as African American millennials are returning to their ancestral spiritual practices, cosmologies, and world views like never before. Although this is a very broad conversation, my perspective must and strives to center the Black-American community, Black women in particular. Therefore, all are invited to the conversation and work of decolonization, however, this is a space in which Black liberation and elevating Black womanhood are present and unapologetic. More specifically, this podcast sits comfortably at the intersection of the question of how spiritual healing is relevant to the decolonization and transformation of Black women’s minds collectively.